Multiple Frames of a Subject

Just when I was giving up on shooting for the day, I serendipitously ran into an animated 11-year old boy, his 15-year old brother, and the brothers friends.  They were play fighting and daring each other to do stunts, sparring, pushing, kicking, and shoving but, artfully. Throughout, the 11-year old provided rapid fire commentary on his exploits, how he could scale buildings like spider man, jump over steps, and train to be tough from his manual on Kung Fu (which was partly written in Chinese).  He readily provoked sparring with the bigger boys, confident that he wouldn’t be squashed.   Below is a shot from my contact sheet of 20 frames (PDF, 1 pp, 2Mb)

Hitching a ride with a fighting friend

Hitching a ride with a fighting friend

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3 Responses to Multiple Frames of a Subject

  1. stacyrausch says:

    I love that you captured the boys expressions so clearly. You can tell they are having fun.

    The colors are also really nice and saturated. I think that adds alot to the image overall.

    • ansuseye says:

      Thank you for your kind comments. Kids are so much fun to watch.

      • stacyrausch says:

        I found some great kids at the park that let me photograph them – it was alot of fun. And in the digital age, they all know that can “see” their picture right after you take it. I had one little boy climb onto my lap to see one shot! His mom was like – get off her you are all dirty from playing in the sand. He was not shy in the least.

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