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Cuenca’s Dog Owners Shun their Doody Duty

I gag when I see piles of dog shit all over the streets of Cuenca, but it is the unfortunate reality of this UNESCO World Heritage City.  To make this more unpleasant, dog shit is usually smeared by hapless pedestrians … Continue reading

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Cuenca’s Pissing Men and Modest Women

You won’t find this in the tourist literature on Cuenca, but men in this city are constantly whipping out their private parts to piss on walls, down the street, in parks, and especially all along the city’s famed rivers.  No, … Continue reading

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Bailoterapia as a Standard of Female Liberation

Bailoterapia is a rather cool amenity offered free of charge by the municipality of Cuenca at several public spaces throughout the city.  It is an hour-long, aerobically-oriented dance class, heavily weighted towards modern “Zumba”.  Its intent is to offer physical exercise … Continue reading

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Wildflowers of the Cajas National Park, Southern Ecuador

Photos and names of wildflowers set in the paramo and pajas grasslands of the mountainous Cajas National Park in southern Ecuador Continue reading

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Fiestas de Cuenca

Traditionally, every town and city in Ecuador organizes an annual festival as a showcase of the city’s arts, activities, music, and special features.   The “Fiestas de Cuenca” turned out to be a three days-long event, during which the city was transformed … Continue reading

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Mango Season

The weather in the mountains of the southern Andes took a turn for the better in November.  The grey, damp, cold mornings when I would have to wrap myself in woolen scarves and hats became slightly less biting.  During the … Continue reading

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The Maddening Din: Cuenca’s Noise

It’s six o’clock on a Sunday morning, and a car alarm in my Cuenca neighborhood goes off with its intentionally horrible, piercing, high-pitched wail.  I groan at the indignity of having my sleep be shattered by this rude interruption.  Just … Continue reading

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