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Cuenca, Ecuador: 21st Century Ground Truths From a Historic Andean City

Cuenca’s urban geography has its roots in Spanish colonial history. What are the pressures. influences, and modern issues that will force it to change urban practices and planning to create better human and environmental health and energy efficiency? Continue reading

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A Hike and Roadside Repast Outside Cuenca

The principal bus routes out of Cuenca seem fairly indistinguishable to me—an endless array of metal signboards advertising the same kinds of variety goods stores, car repair and barber shops, mixed in between houses that look intermittently finished or ramshackle, … Continue reading

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Listening to Prince in Ecuador

Far away from his hometown of Minneapolis, Prince is rocking Cuenca in the Ecuadorian Andes.  He makes it feel alright. Continue reading

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Ecuadorian Encounters: Sunday around Cuenca

During indigenous festivities around catholic masses, the offerings are whole roasted guinea pigs, and the dances are lively. Plus, mountain bikers show us the best hidden views of Cuenca…and save us from the street dogs. Continue reading

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Minding A Stuck Turtle

Nature is our always companion and source. Even when not paying explicit attention, she has a way of reminding you of the drama you are drawn from. The stuck turtle is a predicament you cannot turn from. Continue reading

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when you look up in the woods at that exact moment that two cardinals join in a kiss. Continue reading

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There I was, glasses in hand, stumbling on, a joyless morass leaking out in salty tears, Resilience frayed into tattered fringes of despair. Even the sunlight’s dance in the trees could not gladden this labyrinth of loud loneliness. But the path … Continue reading

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