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Scientific Rationality: Comforting Illusion in a World Falling Apart

Science is viewed as synonymous with progress, however in reality science is easily reduced to an impotent handmaiden of power and ideology.  As we face planetary crises, we need a deeper engagement with our humanity—both individual and collective— using spiritual and political … Continue reading

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The Deep North: Civil Rights Protections for Native Americans

Action: Native American lawyers advising the Oceti Sakowin camp and the elders at the pipeline resistance movement are encouraging all #NoDAPL supporters to call on the Department of Justice’s agency called “Community Relations Services” to intervene on the ground in North … Continue reading

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Nature as Character in the TV Series ‘Reign’

How Reign Drew Me In I’m a big fan of the television series Reign, a kind of historical fiction/romantic drama on the early life of Mary Queen of Scots. As a girl in the mid-to-late 1500s, Mary was sent to live at … Continue reading

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Flower Powered Re-enchantment

If you are like me, your heart jumps a little when a splash of color from a flower catches your eye. In the spring you feel renewed and quickened when the first daffodils and snowdrops break through cold ground.  You … Continue reading

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The High Line

The High Line is a park created from disused freight-rail infrastructure on the west side of Manhattan, New York City. Massive iron columns and girders that once buttressed boxcars laden with meat carcasses, commodities, and goods for the city’s residents … Continue reading

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An Otter Creek Reverie

In another blog post I explore the role of nature in personal identity, specifically in the context of modern life.  In my experience I have found it striking that a physical experience in nature, for example, through a backpacking trip, is actually a profoundly emotional … Continue reading

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